City of New Legoton Department of Fire and Rescue

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Station 6

It is located near the grounds of the Airport just past the railroad tracks. Many of the units formerly based out of Station 2 were transferred here, along with the Department Headquarters and the City Communications Center, when the station was completed. Stationed here is Engine 6, Foam 6, Medic 6, Hose Wagon 6, and  Utility 6.









Engine 6

Engine 6 is equipped with a 1500 gpm pump and a 750 gallon water tank. Members of this unit also train to handle aircraft emergencies and support Foam 6. 

Foam 6

Foam 6 is an AAAF unit located at Station 6, located just outside the grounds of the New Legoton Airport. The unit is equipped with a 2000 water tank and a 300 gallon foam tank. 

Utility 6

Utility 6 serves as a support vehicle for the Logistics Division. 


Hose Wagon 6

Hose Wagon 6 is a converted engine brought from another department.  It carries 300ft of 8 inch, 1000ft of 5in supply line. The unit is equipped with a 1000 gpm pump to supply pumper relays at large incidents. The two firefighters who staff this unit are also paramedics and respond to all mass casualty incidents.  


Command 6

Command 6 is equipped with 6 computer work stations and 26 radios. There is a plasma flat screen on the left side for fire ground briefings and a generator to provide power for the unit and other command items around it. The units also carries additional supplies to assist in rehab at large incidents.  

Brush 6

Brush 6 is equipped with a 50 gallon water tank, along with basic wildland hand tools. This unit primary responds to brush fire on the airport grounds.