City of New Legoton Department of Fire and Rescue

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Truck 2

Truck 2 is a 55' Snorkel  based on a European concept. The department is studying its usage in the builtup areas of downtown New Legoton. The unit is smaller than other trucks used by the department and will hopefully provide better access in narrow confines and back alleys. 



Medic 2

 Medic 2 is staffed at the advanced life support level by two firefighters/paramedics.

Squad 2

Squad 2 is a 2015 E-One pumper.  It has a 1500gpm single stage pump, 500 gallon water tank and 50 gallon Class 'B' foam tank.  In addition to the typical engine company tools and appliances, Squad 2 carries a full complement of truck company tools.  Squad 2 can fill the role as either an engine company or truck company with the obvious exception of an aerial device.


Hazmat 2

It is also the city's HAZMAT Unit.  It carries a HAZMAT research computer, various HAZMAT monitors and tools.  All personnel are trained to the Technician level for technical rescue as well as HAZMAT operations. Engine 1 supports this unit on any cal outs.