City of New Legoton Department of Fire and Rescue

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Engine 1

Engine 1 is equipped with a a 1500 gpm single-stage pump, 750 gallon water tank and a 50 gallon foam tank. The crew of Engine 1 as also trained to assist in the mitigation of hazardous material incidents at the technical level and support Hazmat 2. 


Medic 1

Historical Medic 1 was the first transport unit of its type in New Legoton becoming operational in mid 1976 and becoming the first Advanced Life Support Unit in the city in 1978. The current unit is a Type II Ambulance mounted on a Van chassis.  Medic 2 is staffed at the advanced life support level by two firefighters/paramedics. The department in currently in the process of searching for a replacement for this unit.



Battalion 1

Battalion 1 is assigned to the on duty department supervisor. The vehicle is equipped a command package and radio interoperability suite . A complete set of Incident Command System vests and boards is stored on board, allowing a Battalion Command team to over see working incidents.  

Tanker 1

Tanker 1 is equipped with a 3000 gallons water tank and a 500 foam tank.  Tanker 1 also has a  1500 gpm single stage pump and an electric tank dump controls. It has a Whelen light bar package and a rear dump chute. This unit will back up Foam 6 on extended aircraft incidents as needed. 

Rescue 1

Rescue 1 is a custom 4-door cab setup, seating for up to 6 firefighters and is set-up for multiple technical rescue disciplines. Rescue 1 is the primary technical rescue team in the city and trains in heavy rescue, rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse and swift water rescue operations.  All personnel are trained to the Technician level for technical rescue.