City of New Legoton Department of Fire and Rescue

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At  1547hrs the New Legoton Emergency Communication Center received reports of a runway collusion  at New Legoton International Airport between an cargo and passenger aircraft.  An automatic Box Alarm brought the  response of Engine 1 and 6, Medics 1, 2 and 6, Rescue 1 and 2, Foam 6, Hose Wagon 6, Squad 2, Truck 2, Tanker 1, Unity 6, and Assistant Chief 1 to the airport.  Once on scene the Assistant Chief 1 assumed Airport Command,  declared an working airplane fire and a mass casualty incident,  bringing  Trucks 3 and 4, Engine 4, Medic 4, and the Chief of the Department to the scene. The declaration a mass casualty incident also brought to the scene EMS Captain 1 and Brush 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3  to provide additional man power for EMS Command at the Scene. 


 At 1123hrs a structure fire assignment of 1 Engine, 1 Squad (Rescue-Engine), 1 Truck, 1 Rescue, 2 Medic Units, 1 Deputy Chief was dispatched to 42 Orion Street, The "Green Grocer" for the activation of a street corner fire alarm box immediately next to Fire Station 3.  Upon leaving quarters Ladder 3 quickly noticed smoke showing from the third floor of the adjacent structure.  Ladder 3 requested a General Alarm assignment since this was obviously a “working” structure fire.  This request resulted in 1 Engine, 2 Trucks, 1 Ambulance, 1 Hose Wagon, 2 Utilities and the Chief of the Department being dispatched to the scene.

The "Green Grocer" is a typical older "taxpayer".  The ground floor is a grocery store for the neighborhood and a favorite of Ladder 3's personnel.  The second and third floors are apartments for local professionals. 

 This is the citizen alerting the fire department via the fire alarm.


 Ladder 3 responding to the initial fire alarm box alert.


 After Engine 1 has arrived on scene, the Captain of Engine 1 (helmet with visor) can be seen discussing tactics with the Lieutenant of Ladder 3.


 A Crew member of Engine 1 stretching an 1 3/4" handline into the building to extinguish the fire on the third floor.


 Squad 2 arrving on scene and "hitting the hydrant" with their front intake directly in front of Ladder 3's quarters.



 Ladder 3 repositioned to Side "C" of the building (the rear of the involved structure).  They were given the task to ladder the building with their aerial, ascend to the third floor and perform a primary search for victims on the fire floor.


 Squad 2 and Rescue 1 personnel "throwing" a ground ladder to the building's fire escape to gain entry entry to the second floor to check for any fire extentsion and victims.


 A view of a "hand-jacked" large diameter supply line passing through Ladder 3's quarters from Squad 2 to Ladder 3.


 Truck 4 setting up for aerial master stream operations at the front of the fire building.  The pumper to the right of Truck 3 is Engine 1.


  Staging area for EMS transport units, Medic 1 on the left and Medic 2 on the right.


 A member of Engine 4 charging a hydrant  down the street from the fire to supply water to Engine 4 via large diameter supply hose.


 Personnel from Truck 4 rescuing a vcitim "over" a ground ladder from the second floor. 


 Squad 2's personnel advancing an 1 3/4" attack line up the fire escape to the third floor.


An overhead view of the incident.  The elevating platform with the firefighter,to the right of the building, is Reserve Truck 1 operating its aerial master stream into the building in an attempt to knock down the fire. 



Victims being transferred into medic units for advanced life support care before being rushed to the hospital.


 A close up of Squad 2 advancing an attack line to the third floor.


 An overhead shot of the building after the fire was knocked down.  Firefighters are performing overhaul, looking for hidden fire in walls and ceilings.  According to the City Fire Marshal the third floor of  42 Orion Street was gutted and is unlivable.  The first and second floors suffered significant water damage from firefighting operations.  The Red Cross is assisting all of the displaced occupants.  The owner has stated she plans to rebuild her famed "Green Grocer". 






  1623hrs A structure fire at a service station 3454 Bells Hill Road.  The intial assignment was Squad 2, Engine 4, Truck 2 and Battalion 1.  Squad and Truck 2 arrived on scene finding the service station well involved with fire.  Squad 2's officer declared a "working fire" bringing Engine 1, Truck 4, Rescue 1, Medic 1 and Medic 4.  Squad 2's officer assumed "Bells Hill Command", established water supply and had the crew stretch a 1 3/4" attack line.


 As the crew was stretching the attack line a large propane tank exploded, knocking down Squad 2's crew.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.


 Truck 4 setting up to use their aerial master stream.



 Members of Engine 1 and Squad 2 attacking the fire.




 Engine 4's crew attacking the fire with a 2 1/2" attack line.



 Truck 4 operating their ladder pipe on the service station.

 Rescue 1's crew standing by as the FAST for the incident, hoping their services will not be needed.


 Squad 2's crew taking a 1 3/4" attack line to Side 'C' of the structure.





Engine 1's Captain setting up a portable master stream.




 Squad 2, Engines 1 & 4 and Truck 4's crews operating at the service station fire after the explosion leveled most of the building.



 Final collapse of the structure, the battalion chief had all crews operating defensively and there were no injuries.



Aerial view of the incident from the Police Department's Chopper 1.  These aerial views can be transmitted real time to the Incident Command Post at the battalion chief's vehicle.