City of New Legoton Department of Fire and Rescue

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The City of New Legoton was founded in 1892, on the banks of the Trowsed River. In 1932 a group of citizens saw the need for fire protection and petitioned the city to created the New Legoton Fire Department. The first station opened on Orion Street later that year with an engine and 9 firefighters operating around the clock in three man shifts. In 1976 the department graduated its first Emergency Medical Technicians and later in 1978 graduated its first Paramedics, expanding the services provided to the minifigs of the city.   Today, the City of New Legoton Department of Fire and Rescue has 4 engine companies, 1 squad company, 2 ladder companies, 2 heavy rescue companies,  4 Advanced Life Support Medic units, 2 command vehicles, 3 brush trucks, 1 fire-boat, 1 helicopter, and 1 utility. They protect 80,000 mini-figs in the city and in the unincorporated areas of the surrounding New Legoton County.